Guilty until proven innocent — A raw deal

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Sushi Joint Takes Dig at Bonds
by Colleen Slevin

Denver (AP) — As Barry Bonds pushes for home run No. 755 to tie one of baseball’s most hallowed records, a Colorado sushi restaurant is celebrating the man who set the record – Hank Aaron.

Hapa Sushi Grill ran a half-page ad Thursday in the satirical weekly The Onion that read “Congratulations Hank Aaron on 755 home runs.” At the bottom of the page, the ad continues: “Organic beef and chicken, no added steroids.” Full-page ads are planned for two Boulder, Colo., daily newspapers starting Friday.

Hapa, which has two locations in Boulder and one in Denver, previously has used skinny sumo wrestlers and flaming bags of fast-food hamburgers in its ads to promote its healthy Japanese food.

… Jonathan Schoenberg of TDA Advertising & Design in Boulder, who created the ad, said it’s intended as a tribute to Aaron. But he acknowledged it’s also a roundabout dig at Barry Bonds, who has been accused of using steroids. Bonds has long denied doping.

Schoenberg said he still feels bad for Bonds, because the steroid allegations will cloud his accomplishments. Read the full article here.

photo: Will Work For Food