David Beckham Prank Calls “Smacked of Bogusity”

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beckham_1200.jpgBogus Beckham Bends Truth in L.A. Calls
August 2, 2007

Los Angeles (AP) — An imposter pretending to be soccer superstar David Beckham made a dozen crank calls to county offices to chat about charity work and drop names of celebrity friends, officials said.

… Clerk Maria Saenz and student worker Susana Guillen, avid fans of the real Beckham, “were just jumping up and down” after the first call, Saenz said.

Officials realized the calls were a hoax after Department of Children and Family Services staffers grilled the caller.

“It just smacked of bogusity,” department spokeswoman Louise Grasmehr said.

… County Chief Executive William T. Fujioka said officials were never really duped.

“We’re not country bumpkins,” he said. See the whole story here.

Beckham photo: La Times