Penis For Lunch!

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From the Bostonist:

Boston Blotter: Penis for Lunch in Dedham!
July 23, 2007


Now that will get your attention for sure! Some prankster hacked into a flashing electronic road sign and changed it to read “Penis For Lunch” instead of “Road Construction Ahead” on Route 1. Please don’t arrest this person. This person is funny. Apparently a lot of other people thought so, too, since the authorities didn’t find out until later yesterday afternoon.

One transportation rep said, “Some people might see it as a joke, but this is a road that is traveled on by families and children and there are some people that don’t find it funny.” Maybe because the sign is next to a Toys ‘R’ Us. Oops.

All we’re saying is that the rep should feel lucky the sign didn’t display a Mooninite. News outlets were a little shy when discussing the sign. Fox 25 didn’t think the public couldn’t handle the word “Penis,” so they blurred it out. Even the Herald, which can be as gory and as naughty as it pleases sometimes, called “Penis” a “certain part of the male anatomy.”

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