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Submitted by Peter Schlager:

Czech Dream (ÄŒeskའsen in Czech) is a documentary film directed by two young Czech directors, Và­t Klusà¡k and Filip Remunda. It records a large-scale hoax perpetuated by Klusà¡k and Remunda on the Czech public, culminating in the “opening event” of a fake “hypermarket”. The filmmakers succeeded in attracting more than 3 thousand shoppers to an empty plain for their “grand opening” on May 31, 2003. What looked like a huge building from a distance was actually only a canvas facade backed by scaffolding.


The film hit selected theaters in the U.S. starting in June. Check here for the remaining dates in September for Seattle and Chicago.

The “bloody trailer” and a film scene can be downloaded here. Bloody trailer is in quotes because there appears to be a “blood-free” trailer which may be more aligned with reality (both are available on the DVD which is for sale).

Here’s some movie footage [9:30]:

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