Surrend: Art in Hot Spots

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Surrend, a Danish satirical-art group, has, from their website, “set out to make fun of the world”™s powerful men and crazy ideological conflicts.” Using the street as their exhibition space, they use stickers, ads and posters with ironic texts as their medium of expression.

Surrend is traveling to 20 different “hot spots” and will culminate in a gallery exhibition at Larm Gallery, in Copenhagen in January of 2008.

Surrend poster for Sri Lanka

So far, they have visited Serbia, Belarus, Turkey, Poland, Sri Lanka, Faroe Islands, Iran, Germany, Russia and Austria.

Most recently, Surrend placed an ad in the state-run weekly Burmese newspaper Myanmar Times which looked as if it was promoting tourism in Burma for Scandinavia. However, it had a hidden message to the Burmese Junta. Read the full story here from the International Herald Tribune: Newspaper advertisement’s hidden message calls Myanmar’s leader a killer.