Revenge that’s sweet but smelly

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A Real Stink at Sorvino Farm
New York Post, Page Six
July 19, 2007

sgt_phil_ceretta_-_paul_sorvino_-nikolai_rozhenko-200.jpgAcclaimed Goodfellas actor Paul Sorvino and his playwright daughter, Amanda, are up to their necks in deep doo-doo, now that a waste-hauling company has dumped a messy mountain of horse manure in the driveway of their Pennsylvania farm after they refused to pay their bill.

The entrance to the Sorvinos’ picturesque, 56-acre estate in rural Gilbert is blocked by 60 cubic yards of fly-covered, foul-smelling animal waste.

“I’m just amazed at this. I think this is a really scary, criminal act,” Amanda, the kid sister of Oscar-winning actress Mira Sorvino, fumed to the Pocono Record.

But Tina Daly, office manager of JBD Waste Hauling, told Page Six: “They screwed up. They didn’t pay us, so I brought their horse[bleep] back to them.”

The big stink started when the Sorvinos hired JBD to cart away a giant pile of manure from the farm, where Amanda runs a shelter for homeless horses and dogs. She said she was quoted a “guaranteed” price of $600 to have three truckloads removed, but the company then demanded $1,000, saying it would take five truckloads.
An ugly argument broke out. “[Amanda] hit me with a phone and I smashed it on the floor,” Daly told us. “She said, ‘I want you to talk to my father right now,’ like he scares me. Her father is a wannabe gangster, he’s not a real gangster.”

After Amanda canceled the check her dad had written, the waste haulers warned on Tuesday that the manure would be returned – and a few hours later, they made good on the threat.

A livid Paul Sorvino, who once played a detective on Law & Order, phoned JBD and left a terse voice message, stating, “I think that makes us even . . . We could have a serious civil suit.”

Sorvino’s Manhattan lawyer, Richard Lefkowitz, said JBD’s actions amount to harassment. “Ruining [the Sorvinos’] property is not the proper way to settle this,” he told us. Daly countered that she could hit the family with theft of services charges, but probably won’t. “If you want to act like a piece of [bleep] and a bigwig, so be it,” she said.

The Sorvinos last made news in January when Paul pulled a gun on Amanda’s ex-boyfriend, Daniel Snee, who was allegedly threatening her in her Stowe, Vt., motel room. Sorvino is licensed to carry a gun and he was not charged.

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