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Last chance to see!



At The Art Academy Gallery
Exhibition dates 26 June – 5 July

Gallery opening hours Mon – Sat, 10am – 5pm or by appointment
201 Union Street
London SE1 OLN

(Close to Tate Modern)

Liane Lang and Annabelle Moreau are showing new work as part of the exhibition program at 201 Union Street. Extending their studios downstairs into the gallery they present work in film and installation.

Liane Lang"™s Oblivion
Liane Lang’s animation Oblivion depicts a girl at rest on a sandy beach. The figure oscillates between sleep, in-animacy and death. The sand becomes protagonist, active and with intent. What at first appears as a threat transforms itself into a manifestation of the imaginary, a fleeting dreamscape.

Annabelle Moreau"™s Formation 1 - AllegoriaAnnabelle Moreau’s new installation piece Formation 1 – Allegoria is comprised of three large scale curved aluminium panels, placed in a darkened space and spot lit. The surfaces of these panels are painted in oil. Rough and delicate marks open up a painterly illusion of space. The panels as objects re-shape the gallery and enclose the viewer, allowing an interaction between actual and imaginary spatial experience.