Arrest me, please

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Courtesy Konstantin Sergeyev &‘Reverend Billy’ Arrested at Critical Mass Bike Rally

New York (1010 WINS) — An antic activist who said he was sticking up for cyclists’ rights was arrested while loudly reciting the First Amendment, according to police and the activist.

Bill Talen, an actor and performance artist who crusades against consumerism as “Reverend Billy,” was arrested Friday before a monthly mass bicycle ride that has spurred friction between riders and police.

Police say Talen hassled officers by following them while shouting through a bullhorn. Officers repeatedly asked Talen to stop before arresting him on harassment and disorderly conduct charges, according to police.

But Talen says he was speaking up for the riders by reciting the constitutional amendment that enshrines Americans’ right to assemble for peaceful gatherings, among other freedoms. Read the whole article here.

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