Paris: Orange is not my favorite color

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Exclusive for! Paris Hilton’s Prison Diary!
Day 14 & 15

Dear Diary,

orangejumpsuit200.jpgDay 14
I mean just because I”™m rich and famous and people look up to me doesn”™t mean I HAVE to be a role model! I mean GOD! Why can”™t they just let me go? I promise I won”™t tell. I”™m way out of my comfort zone right now. This guy, Bill who is like this synchronicity expert or something, said that God has a design and that everything happens for a reason. Well, if there is a God, I wouldn”™t be here in the Lynwood correctional facility! Personally I think it”™s just an energy force that we create ourselves and what we put out comes back and I guess I must”™ve pissed some one off because they put me in here! Who ever you are, thanks a fucking lot! From now on you are spam to me!

Day 15
I feel terrible, my little sister Nicky is so freaked. Totally freaking out. She is really really sad about me being here, and can”™t handle it cos it”™s like being in the movies because of the jumpsuit and glass wall. And even I can”™t pull off this much orange. But she had the coolest idea, because jails are sooo bad and oogy that they really need some funding to make them better so she is inspired to start a charity to make jails nicer. So I feel better about this whole stupid thing now. Maybe that synchronicity guy was right. There is a reason for everything. But I”™m really really pissed off about missing Barbara”™s unveiling of her start on the Hollywood walk of fame. That totally sucks ass. I can”™t believe I couldn”™t get out just for that, I mean how many times does that happen, huh? Like NEVER for you losers!