Remembering The Realist

Filed under: Satire, The History of Pranks

I’m very happy that archivist Ethan Persoff has created The Realist Archive Project, and will be republishing all 146 issues of Paul Krassner’s “classic and uncompromising” magazine The Realist. It’s great that his work will be back in circulation and available to the public.


I’ve known Paul since the 1960’s. He’s been a good friend and supporter of my work. He’s even been a participant. He came on my Hippie Bus Tour to Queens, was at my Vietnamese Christmas Nativity Burning in Central Park, and was kind enough to pose with my Grotesque Statues of Liberty in the East Village for the back cover of the jacket sleave of his book, How a Satirical Editor Became a Yippie Conspirator in Ten Easy Years. Paul has always been thoughtful, courageous and funny. Happily, he’s also a contributor to this site.

Four issues of The Realist will be posted every month until the archive is complete.

Thanks Mark Frauenfelder for the heads up and for the wonderful post about The Realist’s influence on Boing Boing.