The Anti-Advertising Agency

From the Anti-Advertising Agency Web site:


    “…Through long-term commercial saturation, it has become implicitly understood by the public that advertising has the right to own, occupy and control every inch of available space. The steady normalization of invasive advertising dulls the public”™s perception of their surroundings, re-enforcing a general attitude of powerlessness toward creativity and change, thus a cycle develops enabling advertisers to slowly and consistently increase the saturation of advertising with little or no public outcry.

    The Anti-Advertising Agency co-opts the tools and structures used by the advertising and public relations industries. Our work calls into question the purpose and effects of advertising in public space. Through constructive parody and gentle humor our Agency”™s campaigns will ask passers by to critically consider the role and strategies of today”™s marketing media as well as alternatives for the public arena. Our work will de-normalize “out-of-home” advertising and increase awareness of the public”™s power to contribute to a more democratically-based outdoor environment…”

As an example, Light Criticism is a collaboration between the Anti-Advertising Agency and the Graffiti Research Lab:

Here’s a Q&A with Steve Lambert, CEO of Anti-Advertising Agency, by R. Walker from

Light Criticism was inspired by Ji Lee”™s Abstactor instructional video (video by Dean Jansen). From Ji Lee’s Web site:

    “Abstractor can instantly transform any television into a beautiful piece of art. Watch and find out how to make your own.”

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