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Peter Berdovsky (left) and Sean StevensMassachusetts won’t prosecute men in hoax bomb scare
By Svea Herbst
May 11, 2007

BOSTON (Reuters) – Massachusetts will not prosecute two men who planted blinking electronic signs in a “guerrilla” advertising campaign that sparked a terrorism scare in central Boston, the state’s attorney general said on Friday.

In return for public apologies and 140 hours of community service, prosecutors dropped criminal charges in a case state Attorney General Martha Coakley said her office would have lost.

The men were charged with placing a hoax device and disorderly conduct. “That charge would not have been successful,” Coakley said.

She said there was no evidence Sean Stevens, 28, and Peter Berdovsky, 27, intended to cause panic on January 31 when police mistook the small battery-powered electronic billboards for possible bombs. Read the full story.

Here’s video documentation by Zebbler of the original action: Glitchcrew’s guerilla graffiti light installation in Boston on January 31, 2007, done on behalf of Aqua Teen Hunger Force on the Cartoon Network.

Here’s more information about the original action from and more video including the breaking news coverage (from Fox News) of the incident from robotspiratesninjas:

And, last, and definitely funniest: 24: Aqua Teen Hunger Force mash-up by National Lampoon