Starbucks Pranks

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From Charlie Todd:

I recently came across a clever Starbucks prank that took place in London. It seems a resourceful prankster decided to give the Starbucks Mermaid her nipples back (which were in the company’s original logo before being censored long ago). The UK prank outfit Space Hijackers covered it here.

Space Hijackers"™ Starbucks mermaid

There is, of course, a long history of Starbucks pranks. Back in 2004, Sacramento prankster Rob Cockerham made it seem like Starbucks was offering free seating around town in his Starbucks Chairs Prank

Rob Cockerham"™s Starbucks chairs

In 2003, I staged my own Starbucks prank with Improv Everywhere. We created a five-minute time loop in a New York City location.

Agents Dippold and Todd begin to argue