Rogue Government Agency Tackles America’s Oil Addiction

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Posted by Andrew Boyd:

On the first day of the 2007 New York Auto Show, SWAT-team-like uniformed agents from the Oil Enforcement Agency (OEA) surprised visitors and convention center security when they impounded a Toyota Tundra on the showroom floor.

See Plenty Magazine article and watch a video about the action:

As they secured the perimeter with “Global Warming Crime Scene” caution tape and announced to a growing throng of onlookers that, at a measly 14 MPGs in the city, the Tundra fell well below the agency’s fuel-efficiency standards, many in attendance wondered whether the government was finally taking the threat of climate change seriously.

Oil Enforcement Agency

In fact, the OEA is an elaborate prank just launched by the coalition of environmental groups at (with some help from me, pictured above). The idea is to heighten pressure on the Big 6 automakers to increase fuel efficiency as well as model of what the government SHOULD be doing to reduce tailpipe emissions.

OEA “field offices” are starting up around the country, and anyone can join. It’s simple and fun: Choose a code name. Order your hat and uniform. Download the secret training manual. And you’re good to go.

The new web site at has everything you need, including a hilarious video of OEA action hi-jinks.

View a trailer for the video: