You can have it all with Havidol

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…or so numerous people believed before it was revealed to be a deftly executed hoax. Havidol (the brand name of generic drug avafynetyme) is an entirely nonexistent anti-depressant, the brainchild of artist Justine Cooper, but that hasn’t stopped it from being featured on numerous community-run websites that purport to inform the miserable masses about their options for psychopharmaceutical salvation. Cooper set out to skewer drug companies and their advertising that masquerades as unbiased consumer information. It’s just a bonus that she also shed light on how easy it is for well-meaning individuals to disseminate plausible but completely incorrect information in the name of providing a public service. – RF

The #1 Cause of Concern in Contemporary Life


HAVIDOL is for the treatment of Dysphoric Social Attention Consumption Deficit Anxiety Disorder (DSACDAD). It is the only known medication available for this newly recognized disorder.

Reuters video about the hoax campaign