How to Submit Materials

You are invited to submit any original or pre-existing material you feel is relevant to the topics and categories to Length is not an issue as long as the piece is interesting and compelling. The following formats are acceptable:

    Links to other sites
    Video (preferably linked from another site)
    Podcasts (video or audio)
    Audio clips

No matter what the format of the material you submit, please provide a title for your post and either a summary or your personal comments to frame the item for the Art of the Prank site. Materials submitted without a title or your framing comments might not be selected to be used on the site (this is true of plain links too). Please also, wherever possible, include photographs or illustrations with your text.

Any work that you submit will be credited to you and to whomever else you indicate should receive authorship credit. We will assume that all contributors will do their best to honor the intellectual property rights of others. Providing correct attribution is your responsibility. Art of the Prank will function merely as a “pass-through” and will not be responsible for any intellectual rights that are not our own. Please act responsibly in this regard. If ownership of any materials is contested by a third party, they will be removed from the site until the rights ownership can be clarified.

All submissions will be reviewed by one or more editors before being mounted on the site. If your material is deemed appropriate and acceptable, it will be uploaded as quickly as possible. If you do not see your postings, please do not be discouraged. There could be any number of reasons. And, you are encouraged to continue submitting materials you would like considered for posting.

Art of the Prank is intended to be interesting to people of all ages. Even though parts may be controversial and somewhat subversive of status-quo-run-of-the-mill thinking, contributors are requested to be mindful of the use of offensive language that might cause parents to censor the site from their children. To have a future filled with full-functioning, responsible, independent adults, positive examples of critical thinking must be available to the young!

Please submit all materials to Include your first and last name. If your material is not verifiable (i.e., if we can”™t tell if it”™s true or not, but we think it’s interesting), it will probably be placed in the “Truth or Fiction: You Decide” category.

Thank you in advance for sending us your interesting and inspiring contributions.

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