Matt Besser: Not to be messed with


Crossballs: The Debate Show

In 2005 Matt Besser produced this show on Comedy Central where unsuspecting debate show pundits made fools of themselves debating absurd characters.


May I Help You Dumbass

In the year 2000, Matt Besser received over a dozen “wrong number” phone calls a day. The callers assumed that he was the technical support operator for one of a dozen commercial websites including K Mart, Costco, Speigel, Barnes & Noble. These people had neglected to dial a one before their area code, and thus had called his apartment instead of Houston, Texas. The following is the technical support he provided to a few of these lost customers.


Upright Citizens Brigade

The sketch show was on Comedy Central 1998-2000. These pranks were extensions of sketches in the show.

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