West Palm Beach DJ TPs the Wrong House

Update, August 11, 2009:

  • DJ endures a poopy penance for toilet-paper prank on West Palm Beach mayor

  • Toilet paper prank against West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel misfires
    by Tony Doris
    Palm Beach Post
    August 06, 2009

    image_8618777West Palm Beach “” A radio DJ’s effort to toilet-paper Mayor Lois Frankel’s house wiped out Wednesday, when the host hit the wrong house.

    After WILD 95.5 host Jason Pennington returned to his own home – to prepare for a television interview about his daring feat – the TV crew informed him that his plot had unraveled. Watch the video here.

    Because the mayor’s mailbox is close to her neighbor’s house – and a hurried Pennington never checked the street number on the house -he managed to unfurl 28 roles of toilet paper on the house, car and trees of the wrong person. Continue reading “West Palm Beach DJ TPs the Wrong House”