Japan’s New First Lady Has Visited Venus

Submitted by W.J. Elvin III:

Japan’s new First Lady Miyuki Hatoyama: ‘I went to Venus in a UFO’
by Richard Lloyd Parry
September 4, 2009

000page8_185x360_609094aMiyuki Hatoyama tells of a spiritual journey on a triangular-shaped UFO Japan”™s new Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, faces formidable foreign policy challenges in dealing with an expansionist China, a nuclear armed North Korea and a sinister Russia. But he need have no concerns about establishing friendly relations with the planet Venus “” his own wife is a friend of the Venusians, having travelled there in a UFO in the 1970s.

The distinctions of Miyuki Hatoyama, 66, do not end there. As well as being a musical actress, cookery writer, clothes maker and television personality, she also says that she knew the actor Tom Cruise in a past life when he was incarnated as a Japanese.

To his credit, Mr Hatoyama, who will formally become Prime Minister in a fortnight after a landslide election victory last Sunday, does not appear in the least embarrassed by his wife”™s eccentricities, and nor do his fellow citizens. She falls into the category of public figure known as “tarento”, or “talent” “” televisual artists or entertainers who are expected and encouraged to be more flamboyant and unpredictable than the rest of us. Continue reading “Japan’s New First Lady Has Visited Venus”