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Non-profit that entrapped Planned Parenthood in supposed “fetus selling” scandal is not what it purports to be

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Update, August 1, 2015: A Los Angeles judge has placed a temporary injunction on the Center for Medical Progress, stopping them from issuing any further anti-Planned Parenthood videos they may have illegally obtained using fake IDs.

CMP logoHuffington Post states that the Center for Medical Progress, the anti-abortion group behind the sting that has discredited Planned Parenthood by publishing a video about the organization selling fetal parts, is a sham non-profit. The Center, in turn, created a “shell” group called Biomax, calling it a “fetal tissue procurement company,” to entrap a Planned Parenthood executive into speaking casually over a meal with wine about procedures for shipping fetuses to laboratories for research.

The final video was edited to make it appear that Planned Parenthood sells fetuses from abortions, when in actuality, at the request of some women, they donate the fetuses for research. Reimbursements are to cover the cost of transportation. None of this is illegal. According to, there appears to be a link between the head of the group David Daleiden and James O’Keefe, known for creating similar dishonest and inflamatory videos in support of hot right wing political issues.

Here’s the video in question. Watch carefully. Look for the numerous camera angles, as there are at least 2 if not 3 concealed cameras. And listen to the dialog to see how easy it is to take what someone says out of context, turning it into a story about something totally different.

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  • Mutant Giant Spider Dog

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    From SA Wardega

    Watch the video:

    “Perfect” Fake

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    Over 7M views for “29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song”, by Rob Cantor. Only .5M checked out how the other 6.5M got faked out.

    The Guy Perfectly Impersonating 29 Celebrities While Singing An Original Song Is A Fake
    by Liat Kornowski
    The Huffington Post
    July 10, 2014

    Remember this incredibly impressive video that popped up all over your Facebook feed earlier this month? You know the one, where one guy does 29 celebrity impressions while singing his original song, “Perfect.” The one that amassed nearly seven million views in under two weeks.

    Watch the videos:

    Well, this guy, with all his mighty talent and Billie Holiday imitation, is a fake… Rob Cantor, the man behind this well-orchestrated Internet hoax, posted yet another YouTube video Wednesday, July 9, explaining the workings behind the scenes. Read more here.

    Paranormal Prank [English & Czech]

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    From the ViralBrothers: “Last time Erik gave me sleeping pills and I woke up in my bed at the Old Town Square. This is my REVENGE!”

    Watch the video:

    Viral Videos: Fact or Fiction?

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    From Joe King:

    Social Media Detectives: Is That Viral Video For Real?
    Delmarva Public Radio
    October 2, 2013

    Listen (4:50)

    Whether it’s an uprising in Egypt or a video of a fake twerking session gone awry, news outlets need to know everything they can about a video before they run with it. That’s where Storyful steps in. The company helps journalists figure out what’s real, and what’s not.

    “We use the same forensic process of discovery and verification for Syria as we do for hoax videos,” says Executive Editor David Clinch.


    Since 2010, Storyful has worked with companies like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, ABC and others to make YouTube videos, tweets and cellphone snapshots a major part of the news cycle.

    “When a story breaks, there is no shortage of content that exists,” Clinch says, “but the problems are finding it in the first place [and,] most importantly, verifying that it’s real.”

    Read the rest of the story here.

    Mario Bros. vs. Donkey Kong Las Vegas

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    Submitted by Trent Hales: Donkey Kong has kidnapped Princess Peach once again. This time in vegas! Can Mario and Luigi stop him?

    Posted by Bangakang, filmed by Dave Tucker, Tyler White, Andy Rawlings, John Sherwood

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  • Putin on Trial [English & Russian]

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    Putin fake arrest video resonates with Russians
    by Elizabeth Flock
    Washington Post
    February 17, 2012

    The prime minister of Russia stood in handcuffs inside a cage, looking downcast, as a judge questioned him.

    Watch Vladi­mir Putin in “jail”. Click on “cc” for English subtitles

    The video showing Vladimir Putin on trial for corruption and terrorism was clearly a fake, but it went viral anyway “” attracting millions of viewers since it was posted on YouTube several days ago, the Associated Press reports.

    Called “The Arrest of Vladimir Putin,” the video comes a week after thousands of Russians protested in Moscow against the prime minister, who will run for a third term as president March 4. Putin was president from 2000 to 2008, and has been prime minister ever since. He is widely expected to win the presidential election, despite the public”™s discontent, which peaked with widespread protests in December.


    Milk Man: World’s Worst Superhero

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    The adventures of Milk Man – the worst super hero in the world!

    by freddiew: Just some cool dudes making sweet vids with rad FX!


    Microsoft Viral Stunt

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    Submitted by Paul C. from Yahoo! Finance, by Chris Nichols, August 13, 2009:

    Microsoft’s Marketing Stunt Goes Viral

    Turns out the official recipe for fun and the way to create an Internet sensation are the same: Start with a megacorporation, add in a group of Germans on a hillside, liberally take advantage of slick editing software and let the power of the Web do its thing.

    If you spend any time online, have a TV or know anyone who does, you’ve probably heard about the latest craze blasting its way through cyberspace. In case you haven’t, a recap: A guy in a neoprene suit goes barreling down a waterslide, flies off the end and through the air, traveling a great distance, and splashes down in a tiny pool. It’s the MegaWoosh. See?

    Please understand. This is a hoax. (more…)