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Attack on the Art of Deception

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France May Put Warning Labels on Airbrushed Photos
by Bruce Crumley
Time Magazine
October 5, 2009

Like many other Western countries, France requires health warnings on tobacco and alcohol and similar labels on processed food containing genetically modified ingredients. France’s regulators are also notoriously tough on marketing campaigns that make false product claims. Now some French legislators want to take consumer protection to an unprecedented level, requiring that advertisements, product labels and even campaign posters carry a warning when they feature a photograph that’s been digitally enhanced.


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The drive against airbrushed photos is being headed by conservative parliamentarian Valérie Boyer, who says the widespread use of digital technology to alter images is feeding the public a steady visual diet of falsified people, places and products. This artificial reality leads people to expect perfection from themselves and the world in an impossible way, she says. (more…)