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Bicycles Recycled

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Prank or sculpture? Bike bonfire’s a puzzle
By Matt Rilkoff
Taranaki Daily News
September 21, 2009

2883948-200Taranaki’s Egmont Village has joined the Bermuda Triangle and Stonehenge as centres of mystery and intrigue.

On Wednesday persons or forces of trickery removed the bicycles from the famous bike fence of the Missing Leg Backpackers.

Not content with this desecration of a Taranaki landmark ranked alongside Hawera’s water tower, Eltham’s cheese painted water tank and the glorious Stratford glockenspiel, they then piled the bikes in a eerie fashion behind the accommodation block.

“I went out to Inglewood on Wednesday afternoon and that was when I noticed they were gone,” said bemused owner Michelle McDonald. “It wasn’t until I came out back on Friday that I found them here, piled up like this.” (more…)