Barry Bremen, Gate Crasher Extraordinaire

ESPN Tribute to Barry Bremen:

Video: 30 for 30 Shorts: The Great Imposter

Barry Bremen was equal parts P.T. Barnum, ‘Walter Mitty’, and Paper Lion-era George Plimpton. From 1979 to 1986, this Detroit-area novelty goods salesman became known in the sports world as ‘The Great Imposter’.


Jump The World’s Greatest Streakers

Serial streakers, uncovered
by Brad Wheeler
The Globe and Mail
July 4, 2009

Exactly what motivates someone to strip down to a well-placed sock, burst onto a sports field and try to outrun the cops? A new documentary reveals all. Jump – The World’s Greatest Streakers airs Saturday (6 and 11) on CBC’s Documentary channel, previewing free this month for subscribers to digital and satellite services.

streaker-200You’re watching a sportscast when suddenly there’s a stop in the action and the crowd is aroused. You can’t see what’s going on, because most networks won’t show the farce playing out on field of play: It’s a “streaker” or a “jumper” or whatever you wish to call an uninvited guest thrusting themselves into the proceedings, usually by running around until security or police catch up to them.

These events are often impromptu – an in-the-moment prank instigated by booze – but there are those who take this fun seriously, or at least put some thought into it. Jump The World’s Greatest Streakers, a documentary directed by Montrealers Dan Emery and Jon Deitcher, and Vancouver-based Mathieu Wacowich, which airs tonight on Documentary, focuses on an eccentric Catalan who calls himself “Jimmy Jump,” most recently noticed for his (fully clothed) stunt involving a flag and Roger Federer during the French Open tennis final in early June.

The documentary concerns itself with the hidden world of serial streakers, including Mark Roberts, a lark-loving Liverpudlian who’s gone naked at some 400 big-time sporting events over 16 years. I spoke to the run-amok Roberts about his full-monty motivations and why he gets shirty over guys like Jimmy Jump, who won’t take their pants off. Continue reading “Jump The World’s Greatest Streakers”