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Stratospheric Skywriting Stunt

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‘How Do I Land’ Skywriting Prank Brought To You By Kurt Braunohler
By Anna Almendrala
The Huffington Post
May 15, 2013

It’s probably something a pilot should ask long before getting into the cockpit. But one professional skywriter traced the cheeky message above downtown Los Angeles on March 23 as part of an elaborate prank by comedian Kurt Braunohler.

Photo by Robyn Von Swank

If you blinked, you missed it — Braunohler wrote in a Tumblr post that the message lasted only about 20 minutes before disappearing. But the prank got a second wind on Monday when a photo of the message, taken by Robyn Von Swank, was uploaded to Reddit’s image hosting site Imgur. (more…)