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Subway Sexual Assault Prevention Gets Physical

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An aggressive awareness campaign hits handsy men where it hurts.

“Mexico City Subway Installs Plastic Penis on Seats to Fight Sexual Harassment”
by Kieran Corcoran
Heat Street
March 14, 2017

Subway bosses in Mexico City have fitted plastic penises onto seats in a bizarre campaign to raise awareness of sexual assault.

The smooth shape of some plastic seats on the billion-passenger network has been replaced with the sculpted shape of a male body.

The upper half of the seat is fitted with a chest, nipples and a belly – while the lower half is given legs, and a prominent, flaccid penis. Watch the video here:

Text placed on the floor next to the modified seats makes the point that sitting there is uncomfortable – but not as uncomfortable as getting sexually assaulted. Read more.

Naked Come-ons

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From Andrea:

‘You can have my number if you’d like’: Aroused naked man wanders the streets asking women for their numbers…and often succeeds
Daily Mail Reporter
1 October 2013

Naked Guy Picking Up Girls video part of a pickup video spoof trend that some are calling sexual harassment. Other videos feature clothed men with fake erections and men giving uninvited kisses


A growing number of spoof videos of men pretending to pick up women in bizarre ways have appeared on YouTube, including one where nude man wanders the streets with an erection asking for phone numbers.

While some say the trend displays harassing behavior, others think it’s just good fun.

As shocking as their behavior appears, these men have a surprising success rate.

By far the most forward of all these videos is Naked Guy Picking Up Girls.

The title of the spoof says it all: a naked man who calls himself Freddie Fairhair approaches women on the street and asks for their number. (more…)