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Fake Marketing Company Announces Fake Naked Photos

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Hoax instructional: How to deceive, deflect and scam the scandal hungry media and the all-believing public. Why? Just because.

The Emma Watson Naked Photo Countdown Was The Work Of Serial Internet Hoaxers
by James Cook
Business Insider
September 24, 2014

A mysterious countdown website emerged on Monday that hinted at the imminent reveal of naked photographs of the actress Emma Watson, stolen using the same iCloud vulnerability that hackers used to steal photographs of stars like Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence.


As Business Insider reported on Monday, it’s highly unlikely that anyone has naked photographs of Emma Watson (we probably would have seen them by now, because she’s a top target for iCloud hackers). Instead the site seemed like an obvious prank designed to discredit 4chan users.

Sure enough, when the countdown came to an end, the site redirected to the website of a company named Rantic Marketing, which appears to be a viral marketing agency. But here’s where this gets really interesting: Rantic Marketing doesn’t exist. This wasn’t a marketing stunt at all, but a social experiment run by the most notorious gang of pranksters on the internet.


10 Historic Scammers

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Submitted by Lügarshz of Flying-Fez Media:’s 10 Greatest Imposters in History
For summaries of the work of each of these notorious scammers, click here. For info from Wikipedia, click on each person’s name.

1. Victor Lustig: the Man who sold the Eiffel Tower

2. Frank Abagnale: catch me if you can

3. Charles Ponzi: created the Ponzi Scheme