“Pixie Dust” Regrows Finger

From Sarah:

Horse Jockey, Paul Halpern, Regrows Bitten-Off Finger With Help Of Powder Made From Pig Bladders by Anthony Rivas
September 17, 2013

lost-finger-200Besides the initial pain, losing a finger may soon be a lot less distressing and debilitating, if one South Florida doctor has his way. That”™s because he used a powder, known in the media as Magic Pixie Dust, to regrow one horse jockey”™s digit “” both tissue and bone “” after it was bitten off by his horse while feeding.

“It”™s a certain powder, a dust that you sprinkle on your finger every other day, you wrap it up, and long story short, it grew back “” the majority of it,” Paul Halpern, the New Jersey-based horse jockey, who spends some of his time in Florida, told NBC6. “I”™m quite happy.”

The procedure is a form of xenotransplantation, more commonly known as cross-species transplantation, during which animal organs or tissue are transplanted into humans, and it’s non-surgical and painless. ACell, a producer of the MatriStem powder, says that it is made from tissue of pig bladders because the “protein scaffold” is “nearly identical to that of human tissue.” Continue reading ““Pixie Dust” Regrows Finger”