Rainforest Action Network Protests Against Tar Sands Oil

Submitted by W.J. Elvin III, as seen on Huffington Post by Michael Brune, author, executive director, Rainforest Action Network:

Daring Protest at Niagra Falls

3923050930_fc0a4473ea-200Before dawn yesterday morning, a small team of climate activists rappelled from the US observation deck at Niagara Falls. Dangling hundreds of feet above the ground, they sent a special welcome message to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper ahead of his first official visit to the White House to push dirty Tar Sands oil.

Not that he’s feeling so welcome anyway. Obama limited the meeting to just one hour. While some have called it a slap in the face, aides say Harper will turn the other cheek. “The economy, and the clean-energy dialogue,” one aide told the Globe and Mail, “will dominate the discussions.” Obama needed to dodge controversy over oil imports from Canada’s tar sands in the midst of the Climate Legislation debate…

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