Can’t Find the Hydrant? What’s a Dog to Do?

Man Wins Appeal in ‘Hidden Hydrant’ Case
March 13, 2009

hydrantp23-200New York — A man who claimed a construction barrel was used to cover a New York City fire hydrant subjecting him to a $115 ticket has won his appeal and will get his fine refunded by the city.

Jonathon Turkel says he feels vindicated but point out this was more about the principle rather than the money.

Turkel had found a ticket for parking too close to a hydrant on the windshield of his car in the Financial District. However when he looked around he says he did not see a hydrant, only an orange construction barrel.

“The only way you could see the hydrant would be if you had X-ray vision,” he said.

Turkel took pictures of the covered hydrant and pleaded his case. Read the rest of this article here.