Psychedelic Storefront Draws Ire

Nyack Village Takes Legal Action Against Artist
July 17, 2009

1284039-200Nyack, N.Y. (AP) — Officials in a New York village known as an artistic haven are taking legal action against an artist who’s turning a storefront into a psychedelic canvas.

Building and fire inspectors in Nyack say Carol McIlmurray failed to apply for a permit. They also say she splattered paint on the sidewalk and opened her new store without installing fire safety equipment.

McIlmurray says the paint splatters were a “political statement” calling for Nyack to fix up its streetscape. But she also says she wants to comply with the law.

The storefront attracts onlookers who debate its artistic merit.

McIlmurray says she’ll eventually sell the window to raise capital for her general store. Then she’ll repaint the facade off-white.

photo: WCBS 880