The Hoax Nobody Noticed

Submitted by W.J. Elvin III:

What If You Pull a Literary Hoax and Nobody Notices?
by Peter Monaghan
The Chronicle Review
August 3, 2009

photo_1235_landscape-200Perpetrators of literary hoaxes often like to be discovered, if only for recognition of their cleverness. But for someone or someones at the literary-studies journal Modernism/Modernity, that gratification has been a while coming.

In 2004 the journal, which is the quarterly of the Modernist Studies Association, ran a review essay of the writer David Foster Wallace’s story collection Oblivion. The essay was a put-on, a leg-pull, a sham, in ways that take some explaining for nonspecialists in recent American fiction. But no one publicly called attention to the con until last month. Continue reading “The Hoax Nobody Noticed”