3.8 Million Years Later…

Behold humankind’s most primitive man. h/t Naomi.

Skull of humankind’s oldest-known ancestor unearthed
Associated Press
August 29, 2019

NEW YORK — A fossil from Ethiopia is letting scientists look millions of years into our evolutionary history — and they see a face peering back.

The find, from 3.8 million years ago, reveals the face for a presumed ancestor of the species famously represented by Lucy, the celebrated Ethiopian partial skeleton found in 1974.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Pharaoh of Them All?

Submitted by W.J. Elvin III:

Egyptian statue ‘looks like Jackson’
The West Australian/AAP
August 8, 2009

US-MUSIC-JACKSON-MUSEUM-OFFBEATWas Michael Jackson secretly trying to be “The Pharaoh of Pop?”

An ancient Egyptian bust on display at the Field Museum in Chicago has been the focus of interest since the star’s death as visitors double-take at the eerie similarities between the 3,000-year-old statue and the singer.

The limestone statue – which depicts an unidentified woman – went on display at the museum in 1988 and was carved during the New Kingdom Period, dating from between 1550 BC to 1050 BC.

Like Jackson’s surgically-altered face, the carving has a distinct, upturned nose and rounded eyes.

And like Jackson – if rumours of the singer’s prosthesis are to be believed – the statue’s nose has partially disintegrated. Continue reading “Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Pharaoh of Them All?”