Pranksters Crash Investment Banking Awards

From Jon T:

Top Firm Gets Unwanted Trophy At Prestigious Banking Awards
October 10. 2012

A group of pranksters gatecrashed an investment banking event at a Mayfair hotel to present Barclays with an award for ‘Innovation in Interest Rate Manipulation’. And the trophy? It was a bottle of Bollinger, of course!

The Daily Telegraph reports that footage has emerged of the activists striking at the Investment Banking Awards at the Sheraton Hotel in Mayfair, which they describe as the ‘Oscars of the financial world’.

The pranksters say:

‘One of 2012’s most profitable scams was the bankers’ ‘innovative’ approach to a key interest rate called LIBOR. Virtually every bank at the event was involved in illegally colluding to rig LIBOR, ensuring that they would always be the winners in the multi-million pound bets they were making on the markets.

When we noticed that this money-spinner had been overlooked in the ceremony, we decided to show up and make sure the LIBOR-riggers got the recognition they deserve’.

image: geishaboy500