Author Budd Schulberg (1914-2009), RIP

Moral of the Story, An Ethicist’s take on the news:
Can You Hate the Artist but Love the Art?
by Randy Cohen
August 12, 2009


The Issue

Last Wednesday Budd Schulberg died at 95. He was a journalist (particularly astute about boxing), a novelist (“˜”˜What Makes Sammy Run“™”™) and above all a screenwriter: “˜”˜On the Waterfront“™”™ is a glorious accomplishment. He was also a man who named names to the House Un-American Activities Committee. It is not easy to reconcile Schulberg”™s disheartening testimony with his splendid work. Does rejecting the artist mean rejecting the art? Continue reading “Author Budd Schulberg (1914-2009), RIP”