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Improv Everywhere: The Mp3 Experiment Nine

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From Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere

For our latest mission, over 4,000 people participated in an epic water gun battle as part of our ninth annual Mp3 Experiment event.

Participants downloaded an MP3 file and pressed play simultaneously on Governors Island in New York City. The MP3 file contained a series of ridiculous Olympic-themed instructions from narrator “Steve The Omnipotent Voice from Above” that culminated in a massive water gun fight.

We’d like to thank the River to River Festival for hosting the event and SkyCamUsa for helping us get aerial footage with their hexacopter drone.

View more video, photos and info here.

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World Pillow Fight Day

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Update, April 4, 2009, from AP:

  • Pillow Fight Breaks Out on Wall St.
  • Featherweights: Detroit police halt pillow fight

  • From, April 2, 2009:


    World Pillow Fight Day is Saturday [April 4, 2009]. Check out their site for a list of cities participating around the world. The New York event, organized by Newmindspace, has added a “no feathers” policy. This sounds like a good idea after the recent hubbub in San Francisco.