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Roadtripping with Wayne Zebzda

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From Wayne Zebzda:

Roadtripping with artist Wayne Zebzda
by Pam Woolway
The Garden Island
September 25, 2009

Twisted guardrails, a 17 foot tower of stacked road signs, a disco ball made from reflective road bumps “” you”™ve seen it all before, just not quite like this.


Roadtrip, an exhibition by local artist Wayne Zebzda opened in the space adjacent to Galerie 103 at Kukui”˜ula Village [on Kauai in Hawaii] this month. From 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday let the artist guide you through his monument to traffic. Or if you”™d rather phone in, that”™s an option. Zebzda”™s voice recorded tour of the show can be heard by dialing 408-794-7745.

“I”™ve always liked signs and symbols. Universal images cut across cultures the same way music builds a bridge,” he said.

Described by the artist as found art, Zebzda is something of a planetary janitor clearing the roads of wreckage that would have found the landfill. (more…)