Scientific Objectivity Tested by Fake TV News Story

From Miso: “Now THAT’S a well done hoax!”

Hoax, Lies and Videotape
by RefractiveIndex
July 6, 2012

The fifth in our series on this year”™s group projects by Sci Com students – this week, it”™s the turn of Stephen McGann, Emma Houghton-Brown and Haralambos Dayantis.

Do scientists see the world as objectively as they like to think?

[Watch this hoax video & then read on]

Arguments have raged for years between those who regard science as an entirely objective discipline, and certain social scholars that believe science is subject to the same cognitive biases as every other human enterprise. At times, these debates have become less than polite. Continue reading “Scientific Objectivity Tested by Fake TV News Story”