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Drive-by-Drenching a Dubious Dunk

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‘Happy-splashing’ driver facing charges for YouTube prank
by Simon Crisp
Asylum UK
October 14, 2009

The art of driving through a puddle and splashing pedestrians is nothing new — we’re sure mammoths were running through puddles at high speed to splash cavemen even before the invention of the wheel — but filming it and posting it to YouTube is.

But now drivers have been warned they could face criminal charges for carrying out a drive-by-drenching.

Kerry Callard, 29, was recently caught after soaking a group of kids at a bus stop in Plymouth, Devon, and uploading the footage to the web.

The clip, called ‘drowning school kids’ was filmed by her partner who provided a running commentary from the passenger seat including the insightful observation “That was brilliant! Awesome!”

Shortly after the video ‘drowning school kids’ was posted to YouTube and Facebook, complaints were made to police and the clip was pulled. It must have been quick because it had only amassed 500 views, and this was YouTube gold. (It has since been uploaded again…)

Callard was then quizzed by police and despite her claims that the kids asked to be splashed, she has been warned that officers are considering a charge of reckless driving… or they will do, when they stop laughing.