Michigan’s Great White Hunters Bag a Stuffed Toy Animal

Some prankster only has 8 lives left…

Michigan Police Taser Fake Cougar
by Shannon McGregor
May 19, 2009

cougar-200Warren, MI (AHN) – Responding to a report of a cougar on the loose, police in Michigan ended up shooting a large toy cat with a Taser stun gun.

A 911 caller reported spotting a “huge” animal resembling “a 150-pound cat” in an old cement drainpipe in Bates Park. Ten officers were sent to the scene, the UPI reported.

Officers saw the silhouette of the animal in the pipe and shot at it with a Taser. It was only then that they discovered they shot a large toy cougar.

Police Commissioner William Dwyer told WDIV-TV, Detroit that investigators suspect the incident was a prank; one that cost the police department $1,000 in wasted police hours while responding to the scene and filling out paperwork.

The prankster could face 90 days probation and fines equivalent to the waster police money if caught.

photo: National Geographic Channel