Protestor Dressed as Bishop Ousted from Papal Conclave Meeting

Phony Bishop: German Imposter Sneaks into Vatican
Spiegel Online
March 4, 2013

German church officials on Tuesday distanced themselves from the man who infiltrated a meeting of cardinals at the Vatican by masquerading as a bishop, saying he can’t be trusted. This isn’t the first time the self-proclaimed bishop and “Jesus yoga” proponent has caused a kerfuffle.

He called himself “Basilius” and showed up wearing a cassock that was too short, a strange-looking chain with a crucifix and a purple shawl instead of the traditional sash. The man who managed to slip into the Vatican on Monday and mingle with cardinals was not a bishop as he claimed. He was German Ralph Napierski, who is known among German clerics as something of a troublemaker.

The fake bishop snuck into the Vatican along with dozens of cardinals who were there making preparations to elect a new pope later this month, according to Italian news agency ANSA. Though he managed to go unnoticed for a time, even posing for a photo with Cardinal Sergio Sebiastiana, he was “eventually identified and kicked out to the visible amusement of journalists nearby,” ANSA reported. Continue reading “Protestor Dressed as Bishop Ousted from Papal Conclave Meeting”

Turkson for Pope!

From ZeroZeroKappaKappa collective:

Spoof campaign poster for Cardinal Turkson appears in pre-conclave Rome
March 1, 2013


Spoof “vote for Turkson” posters have popped up in Rome along walls still plastered with campaign posters from Italy”™s general election on Sunday and Monday. Campaigning for the papacy is officially forbidden and even suggesting one is a candidate is usually enough to end any cardinal”™s chances of ascending to the throne of Saint Peter.

Ghana”™s Cardinal Peter Turkson is the Irish bookmakers”™ favorite to replace Pope Benedict, putting a non-European in pole position to lead the 1.2 billion-member Roman Catholic Church for the first time in more than a millennium. Continue reading “Turkson for Pope!”