Rebel With a Cause

A Leader of Veterans Is Exposed as a Fraud
by Dan Frosch w/Toby Lyles
May 14, 2009

15soldierinlineDenver “” When Rick Duncan spoke at veterans”™ events in Colorado, recounting how he was badly wounded when his Humvee was blown apart by a roadside bomb in Iraq, it was not unusual for those in the audience to weep.

Richard Glen Strandlof, a k a Rick Duncan, who founded a Colorado veterans”™ group.
After all, Mr. Duncan was a leading voice for veterans here, a charismatic former Marine captain who told of having been at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, who spoke movingly of his war wounds and whose advocacy group led a drive to help homeless veterans in Colorado Springs.

But on Thursday the Colorado Veterans Alliance, the organization he founded, announced that it was disbanding, having discovered that his entire story was a sham.

As it turns out, the group said, Rick Duncan is not even Rick Duncan but instead a man named Richard Glen Strandlof. Continue reading “Rebel With a Cause”