pHarmony: Matchmaking with an Agenda

Submitted by Jean Pockrus of Greenpeace USA:

PolluterWatch, a project of Greenpeace, has launched pHarmony, a matchmaking site just like but dedicated to helping polluter industry lobbyists, CEOs, and propagandists match up with friendly public officials to make it easy to buy and sell influence and sabotage our clean energy future without ever leaving the house.

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  • Lobbyists Caught in Fake Letter Campaign

    Coal Group Is Linked to Fake Letters on Climate Bill
    by Stephanie Strom
    The New York Times
    August 4, 2009

    05charity.inline.190A trade group representing coal producers and power companies says that it indirectly hired a lobbying firm that sent fake letters to lawmakers purporting to be from nonprofit groups opposed to climate-change legislation.

    The group, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, said in statement Monday that it was considering legal action against the lobbying firm.

    On Tuesday, staff members across Capitol Hill combed through constituent mail in search of other fake letters. The search began after three members of Congress said they had received them. Continue reading “Lobbyists Caught in Fake Letter Campaign”