Canada Celebrates 90 Years of Nudism!

Roz Allen of Citizen Janes submitted Part Two of their CBC Pilot:

It’s the 90th anniversary of nudism in Canada, but Generation X & Y couldn’t care less. Citizen Jane Kaitlin Fontana attempts to expose the truth: when it comes to stripping down, are Canadians just frigid?

Kaitlin Goes Buck for All Us Canucks

See Part One:

  • Sabrina Scrums the Opposite Sex
  • Sabrina Scrums the Opposite Sex

    From Citizen Janes’ Web site: “Scene One of our CBC Pilot is now officially LIVE on the interwebs! Quick, watch it before it gets flagged!”

    Men, women, what’s the difference? Sabrina Jalees hits the streets of Toronto and puts a series of unsuspecting lads through the paces. Her mission? To prove what she’s known for a long time – women are WAY better than men.

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