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EFF Chairman Makes a Downfall Remix

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From the Electronic Frontier Foundation, commentary by Hugh D’Andrade:

When Fair Use Is Fairly Difficult

For years, it’s been a notoriously popular internet meme to remix the “bunker scene” from the 2004 film “Downfall.” In the original scene, actor Bruno Ganz portrays Adolf Hitler’s ranting breakdown in the final days of the Third Reich. In the hands of internet remixers, the scene’s English-language subtitles have been modified to transform it into commentary on everything from the subprime mortage crisis to breakfast theft. There’ve even been meta-commentaries on the meme itself.

EFF Board Chairman Brad Templeton recently remixed his own version, with Hitler ranting about troubles with DRM and the failure of DMCA takedowns to prevent fair uses. Take a look, and then keep reading [here] to see what Brad’s experience making it tells us about fair use and the DMCA.

EFF chairman makes a Downfall remix


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