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Carrot Art Bombs

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Carrots cause Swedish bomb scare
BBC News
June 14, 2009

A Swedish art project caused a bomb scare when people mistook carrot “explosives” for the real thing.

carrotsArtist Conny Blom set up The Bunny Project: Bombs, at 15 locations near the southern Swedish city of Orebro.

He taped bunches of carrots together with black tape and attached blue and red wires and a clock to them.

Police received worried calls from members of the public who thought they were real bombs. Mr Blom was forced to remove his art – and may face charges.


The carrot bombs had been placed around the city at the request of a local art gallery, as part of an open-air arts festival.

They had only been in place for an hour before police received their first call. (more…)