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Steve Ben Israel, Actor, Satirist and Friend… RIP

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Steve Ben Israel, a Living Theater Performance Artist, Dies at 74
by Paul Vitello
The New York Times
June 16, 2012

The young Steve Ben Israel was a longhaired, card-carrying pacifist, anarchist, comedian and performance artist who toured during the 1960s and “™70s with the Living Theater, an avant-garde repertory group. He had leading roles in many of the company”™s cheerfully seditious productions, including “Paradise Now,” in which the cast, naked, exhorted audience members to seize the theater, form anarchist cells and overthrow the government.

Making anarchist performance art was a hard way to earn a living even back then, when millions of young Americans were dabbling in revolutionary ideas. But Mr. Israel, who died of lung cancer on June 4 in Manhattan at 74, kept at it for the rest of his life, friends said “” a one-man revolutionary cell delivering jokes, stories and poems aimed at undermining capitalist society. He did not advocate overthrowing the government much anymore. He was trying, he told people, to foment a mass uprising of compassion. (more…)

Court Jesters Plan to Be a Royal Pain in the Ass

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Anarchists Target Wills and Kate
by Nick Francis
The Sun
31 January 2011

Hate-filled anarchists are plotting to wreck William and Kate’s royal wedding by posing as well-wishers and hiding among the crowd, The Sun can reveal.

Extremists plan to wreak havoc around Westminster Abbey for a month before the big day and aim to ambush royal cars with roadblocks, diversions and smoke bombs on April 29.

A secret email obtained by The Sun shows a satellite photo of the royal route – with arrows marking several locations where the mobs plan to strike.

Leading anarchist Chris Knight revealed details of the campaign in a message to activists.

He outlined a two-pronged approach, with extremists causing havoc around Westminster Abbey for a month before carrying out further attacks on the day of the wedding. (more…)

Free Photos! Fabien Breuvart’s Art Market Anarchy at Paris Photo 2009

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From, November 28, 2009:

Art Market Anarchy at Paris Photo 2009 — Free Photos!


A surprise act of art market anarchy took place just outside the entrance to the exclusive gala VIP opening night at Paris Photo 2009 last week. While the crowd of well-dressed international art collectors began to enter the giant hall at the Louvre, dozens of pranksters quickly dumped thousands and thousands of anonymous vintage photos into a giant heap, and tossed handfuls of photographs in the air. “Free, free, free!”

Even in this art-loving socialist capital, this act caused a momentary cognitive disconnect: (more…)

Somalia: Libertarian Paradise

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Submitted by W.J. and David Elvin:

From, May 6, 2009:

The inimitable Andy Cobb is at it again, taking libertarians to task for their hatred of all things government. You know what has no government? Somalia. So Cobb and the Public Service Administration have made this video encouraging libertarians to vacation in the broken country maintained by “rational self interest and libertarian magic dust.”

Regulation Vacation Celebration!

Written and Directed by: Andy Cobb
Produced by: Mark Kienlen and Andy Cobb
Narrator: Marc Evan Jackson
Gal: Nyima Funk
Fellah: Andy Cobb