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Banksy’s Antics Roadshow Premiers on Channel 4 in the UK Saturday

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Joey Skaggs was interviewed for Banksy’s upcoming television documentary The Antics Roadshow set to air on Channel 4 in the UK this Saturday, August 13 at 10:45 pm, following the television premiere of “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” Directed by Banksy and Jaimie D’Cruz, produced by Melody Howse.

Quoted from Channel 4:

“Banksy’s ‘incomplete guide to total anarchy’ provides a greatest hits of wayward behaviour, sedition and sabotage.

“The Antics Roadshow is a celebration of the pranksters, hoaxers, jokers, activists and stunt merchants who use public space for their own unauthorised ends. This film brings together a wide range of individuals with all sorts of motivations: but they have all hijacked the public arena to make a noise, be it for comedic, artistic or political ends, and they have all done so using a variety of illicit, and eccentric methods which an audience should probably not try at home.

“Explaining his reasoning behind the show, Banksy said: ‘Basically I just thought it was a good name for a TV programme and I’ve been working back from there’.

“Narrated by Kathy Burke, The Antics Roadshow examines the stories behind some of the most audacious stunts of recent times and what motivates the perpetrators, from mindless boredom to heartfelt political beliefs.”

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Greenpeace Buys Land To Block New Heathrow Runway
by Dave Demerjian
January 13, 2009

heathrow-200Greenpeace announced today that it has bought a parcel of land that sits directly in the path of a proposed third runway for London’s Heathrow Airport. It’s the latest move in a long-running battle between environmentalists who say expanding Heathrow would be an environmental catastrophe, and expansion advocates who say without a new runway Europe’s top airport will become an antiquated also-ran.

Greenpeace’s plan for the 0.4-hectare parcel, which it purchased from an undisclosed owner, is sure to have expansion advocates reaching for the Rolaids. The group will sell off the land in tiny pieces to environmentalists, celebrities, and anyone else who feels like buying in. This means that if the UK government were to exercise eminent domain laws to acquire the land, it would have to deal with thousands of different landowners and the lawsuits they would be sure to bring. Regardless of where you stand on the expansion issue, you can’t deny that Greenpeace’s move is a brilliant one. (more…)