Homo Velamine Interviews Joey Skaggs “Maestro of the Farce” [Spanish and English]

Spanish Art and Activism Collective Homo Velamine Interviews Joey Skaggs [Spanish and English]

Joey Skaggs: “A fool is a fool, no matter what their political leaning is”
by Demófila Martínez and Luis Platypus
Homo Velamine
October 31, 2019

Joey Skaggs. PHOTO: Sam Ortiz for Observer

Homo Velamine: The increase of fake news in the media in recent years makes us feel that the limits between fact and fiction are more unclear than ever. In the documentary Art of the Prank (2015), you let the viewer peek into the creative process behind one of your hoaxes. The trickiest part seems to be deciding how far you can take it, without crossing the limits of plausibility and creating something that is impossible to believe. After all these years, does it still surprise you how far this limit can actually be pushed? Which of your performances would you say has pushed this limit the farthest and still has been successful?

Joey Skaggs: Pushing the limits of plausibility is the fun part for me. I create the problem and I create the solution. I take a gamble that what I’m doing is so ridiculous that no one’s going to believe it. I want it to be totally absurd because if the news media does fall for it, it will be even funnier and more effective in revealing their gullibility and/or hypocrisy. Continue reading “Homo Velamine Interviews Joey Skaggs “Maestro of the Farce” [Spanish and English]”

Environmental Activists Recruited as Spies?

From Cell to Sell: Police Recruit Activists as Spies
May 12, 2009

Source: The Guardian (UK), April 27, 2009
activists-200In Scotland, police have been offering environmentalists money in return for information about activist groups. “They said ‘if you help us, we will help you,'” one anti-nuclear activist stated, referring to military police officers. The The Guardian reports that “a network of hundreds of informants … claim to have infiltrated a number of environmental groups,” providing police with “information about leaders, tactics and plans of future demonstrations.” One of the groups targeted by police, Plane Stupid, was previously infiltrated by a corporate spy. A police statement stressed their “responsibility to gather intelligence,” saying contacts were made “to ensure that any future protest activity is carried out within the law.” Plane Stupid responded, “Our civil liberties were invaded and our right to peaceful protest called into question simply to defend the interests of big business.” Scotland’s Sunday Herald reports that the covert police campaign goes back to at least 2005, when military police set up “cosy chats” with people arrested during a protest at a nuclear arms site.

image: d.yimg.com