Statue Selfies: If Marble Could Tweet

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Reddit user Jazus ur lookin well starts new selfie trend:



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“Liked” to the Max

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What can happen if you open your floodgates (and those of your friends) to Facebook’s marketing machine?

I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days.
Here’s What It Did to Me

by Mat Honan
August 11, 2014


…I like everything. Or at least I did, for 48 hours. Literally everything Facebook sent my way, I liked—even if I hated it. I decided to embark on a campaign of conscious liking, to see how it would affect what Facebook showed me. I know this sounds like a stunt (and it was) but it was also genuinely just an open-ended experiment. I wasn’t sure how long I’d keep it up (48 hours was all I could stand) or what I’d learn (possibly nothing.)

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Post-It Pay-Back

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KSLA 12 News reports a Kansas City cop was somewhat surprised to find his cruiser covered in colorful Post-It notes.

Post-It Cop Car


The lengthy suspect list does not include anarchists, demonstrators or dissidents. It appears he pulled one too many stunts on his colleagues and they got him back… off the clock, KC’s police chief emphasizes.

Something Bubbling at Home Depot

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A trip to Home Depot can be disorienting, with confusing organization, high ceilings, and aggressive ventilation systems.

With an old-fashioned bubble wand, Youtuber Ernijs 12 attempts to add to the confusion. For maximum effect, he has to be slick. The dramatic musical stings emphasize the gravity of the situation.

Home Depot bubble prank

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Life Cycle of a Wikipedia Hoax

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Wikipedia is every undergrad’s best friend, and its community of editors works hard to make it informative and accurate. But it can still allow falsehoods to spread, as it did with a stoner prank… for years.

Amelia Bedelia Hoax

Had she not outed herself, EJ Dickson’s kiddie-lit misinfo may have spread even further. She puts a stop to it here, with “I Accidentally Started a Wikipedia Hoax” on The Daily Dot, adding some insights on Wikipedia’s many security holes.

As Wikipedia shenanigans go, Dickson’s is fairly innocent. A lot of Z-listers have obviously created entries for themselves by plugging in their PR boilerplate, and there’s some hardcore defamation out there as well. Rooting out falsehoods continues to be part of the heated discussion (one with the occasional hilarious digression) about Wikipedia’s future.

Improv Everywhere: The Subway Spa

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From Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere: For our latest mission, we turned a New York City subway platform into an unauthorized luxury spa.


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Reddit Prank Becomes Irksome Mobile App

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Reddit provides an essential newsfeed and discussion forum for those with all sorts of interests, particularly tech. Over the years, it has spawned its own internal logic and culture, including a perplexing array of inside jokes involving bacon, narwhals, and especially cats. And it’s also a controversial “content farm” for marketers, new-media types, and, now, at least one cheeky app developer.

Cat Facts prank now an app

As Sarah Perez details in “Epic Reddit Prank ‘Cat Facts’ Is Now An App That Lets You Text Troll Your Friends”, Kyle Venn, a web developer used this “Cat Facts” prank perpetrated by some guy on his cousin:


He only did it to hone his dev skills, but now he’s released an Android app that you can use to befuddle your friends.
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Swatting Ringleader Meets His Demise

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People do a lot of things with phones. Some are harmless and potentially amusing. Others can get you tossed in the slammer.

Photo by Eric Richardson

Swatting falls into the latter category. It involves providing an emergency service like 911 with a false tip that provokes an armed police raid on the home of an innocent (and likely terrified) person, be it a personal enemy, a celebrity, or just some guy. These hoaxes are a particular menace for the LAPD, since they happen so often to Hollywood stars.

On Tuesday, Jason Allen Neff pled guilty to running a ring of swatters in various locations. Neff, as it happens, has a long and storied career of hacking activities dating back to the ’90s. He awaits sentencing and faces five years in federal prison. The hostage faker seems poised to become a hostage of his own making.

photo: Eric Richardson, Creative Commons

Sneak Peek at Burning Man ’14

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What’s the fourth most populated city in Nevada?

It depends on when you ask. Number one is Vegas, followed by Reno and Carson City. There’s a long drop to number four, which, for one week each summer, is Black Rock City, home of the famous, infamous, otherworldly festival Burning Man.

The gathering is known for mammoth, eye-catching public artworks. HuffPo provides an exclusive sneak preview of the wonders in store this August 25th.

Hayam Sun Temple by Josh Haywood

Hayam Sun Temple by Josh Haywood


Sculpture of two figures embracing by Matt Schultz

Sculpture of two figures embracing by Matt Schultz


Squared by Charles Gadeken

Squared by Charles Gadeken

Toilet Talk In the News

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For some mischief-makers of the old school, the internet will never compete with the thrill of a phone prank on a befuddled TV newscaster.

When a Los Angeles water main broke and drenched the UCLA campus, ABC7 News wanted answers. To that end, they fielded a call from one “Louis Slungpue,” who may have traced the flood to either a flushed cherry bomb or “a very large dump.”

Watch the video here:

This would be run-of-the-mill local-news tomfoolery were it not for anchor Ellen Leyva’s insistence on dragging it out, keeping her composure, and not getting it.

The sort of people who still make prank calls often share an affinity for poop.

Tom-Cipriano-200In a related item, the Washington Post has an in-depth interview with Tom Cipriano, a/k/a “Captain Janks,” long-term member of an old phone-pranking pantheon based around alpha shock jock Howard Stern and his “nether regions.” After 10,000+ calls, Cipriano is still at it.

“They don’t just give you the news,” he says, “they give a dramatized presentation of the news. All I’m doing is ruining their sensational moment with my sensational moment.”

World’s Fastest Sex Change

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Criss Angel BeLIEve: Criss Rips Bodies Apart (On Spike)

Criss Angel BeLIEve

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Lily Allen’s Instagram Prank Backfires

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An ambitious prankster sometimes needs an assist from co-conspirators with some leverage. But those people may have more to lose.

British pop singer Lily Allen has a long history of orchestrated controversy and publicity stunts, but her latest online jape may have put jobs at risk.

According to The New Zealand Herald, Allen landed at Gold Coast airport in Australia and apparently convinced security personnel to cuff her and pretend to arrest her. She posted this picture to her Instagram account with the tag “#uhoh.”

Lily Allen in handcuffs

This photo of Lily Allen in handcuffs has been removed from Instagram.

It got thousands of “likes,” but it’s gone now. And airport authorities say the incident is being “investigated internally.” Allen, for her part, is in the clear and free to continue spreading her unpredictable brand of sass.

Bigfoot — Escape Artist

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While performing with the Tiny Top Circus during the Perform Chinatown: Chaos Reigns festival in LA on July 26, 2014, BIGFOOT once again escaped. The $10 million dollar reward, which had been rescinded when he returned from his sojourn in New York, has been reinstated. Everyone is warned to approach with caution, as BIGFOOT can be extremely flatulent.


Watch the video:

You Shouldn’t Buy This Boat

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You get a text message obviously not meant for you. Do you politely correct the sender, sympathizing with the inconvenience? Or do you spring into action?

Redditor /u/beccascott1 brings us a tale of a boat deal that’s all wet.

You shouldn't buy this boat

The prospective buyer seems oddly intent on going through with the purchase, even after the product is revealed to be less than seaworthy.

According to the screen capture, the wiseacre’s phone is at a nearly full charge, sidestepping a standard rebuke from the Redditorati.

Fellow posters /u/bpaq3 and /u/MustardIcecream weigh in, forecasting a dark aftermath for the ruse, making the whole thing just sad enough to be funny.

[via Reddit's /r/pranks]

Who Put the White Flags on the Brooklyn Bridge?

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Who raised white flags on Brooklyn Bridge — and why?
by Michael Winter
July 22, 2014


The New York Police Department had a big whodunit on its hands Tuesday, in addition to egg on its face.

Who swapped out two big American flags flying over the Brooklyn Bridge towers with Old Glories that had been bleached white? And, more important, why?

But a more pressing concern was how did the overnight caper happen right under the noses of the NYPD on one of the city’s most heavily guarded and constantly watched landmarks?

“We’re lucky they just put a flag up there — and not a bomb,” a law enforcement source told the New York Post. “It’s an embarrassment.”

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