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Below is an alphabetical list of books and films about topics covered on The Art of the Prank. If you click on the name of the item you will be able to purchase it from or other booksellers such as RE/Search Publications.


The Activist Cookbook, by Andrew Boyd, United for a Fair Economy, 1997


The Arts of Deception: Playing with Fraud in the Age of Barnum, by James W. Cook, Harvard University Press, 2001

At the Edge of Art, by Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito

At the Edge of Art, by Joline Blais and Jon Ippolito, Thames & Hudson, 2006

Best of Stuntology, by Sam Bartlett, Workman Publishing Company, 2008

The Big Con: The Story of the Confidence Man, by David Maurer, Anchor, 1999

Bonfire of the Brands, by Neil Boorman, Canongate Books Ltd., 2007

Cable News Confidential: My Misadventures in Corporate Media, by Jeff Cohen and Jim Hightower, Polipoint Press, 2006


Campaigning for Hearts and Minds: How Emotional Appeals in Political Ads Work, by Ted Brader, University of Chicago Press, 2006


The Chalice and the Blade, by Riane Eisler, Peter Smith Publisher, 1994


Comments on The Society of The Spectacle by Guy Debord, Verso, New Ed edition, 1998


Consciousness Explained, by Daniel C. Dennett, Penguin Books Ltd, 1993


The Demon Haunted World: Science As a Candle in the Dark, by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan, Ballantine Books, 1997


The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson, Spectra, 2000


Don’t Believe It!: How Lies Become News, by Alexandra Kitty, The Disinformation Company, 2005

encyclopediaofhoaxes.jpgEncyclopedia of Hoaxes, by Gordon Stein, Gale Research Inc., 1993


Essays on the Blurring of Life and Art, by Allan Kaprow, University of California Press, 2003

Other Books by Allan Kaprow

Expect Resistance: A Crimethink Field Manual, by CrimethInc. Workers’ Collective, CrimethInc. Workers’ Collective, 2007


Fakes, Frauds & Other Malarkey, by Kathryn Lindskoog and Patrick Wynne, Zondervan Publishing House, 1992


The Fame Formula, by Mark Borkowski, Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd, 2008


Foundation Trilogy, by Isaac Asimov, Doubleday, 1982


Future Active: Media Activism and the Internet, by Graham Meikle, Routledge, 2002

Gaslighting: How To Drive Your Enemies Crazy by Vistor Santoro, Loompanics Unlimited, 1994

The Gift: How the Creative Spirit Transforms the World, by Lewis Hyde, Canongate Books Ltd, 2007


Growing Artificial Societies: Social Science from the Bottom Up by Joshua M. Epstein and Robert L. Axtell, The MIT Press, 1996


Happy Mutant Handbook: Mischievous Fun for Higher Primates, by Carla Sinclair, Gareth Branwyn, Mark Frauenfelder, Riverhead Trade, 1995


Herzog on Herzog by Werner Herzog, Paul Cronin (editor), Faber & Faber, 2003


Hoaxes, by Curtis MacDougall, Dover Publications; 2nd Edition, 1958

How To Draw a Bunny (2002)

How To Draw a Bunny (2002), DVD, by John W. Walter, Palm Pictures, 2004

In the Shadow of No Towers, by Art Speigelman, Viking, 2004


Jamming the Media, by Gareth Branwyn, Chronicle Books, 1997


The King in Yellow, by Robert W. Chambers, Wildside Press, 2005

Lincoln Legends: Myths, Hoaxes, and Confabulations Associated with Our Greatest President, by Edward Steers, Jr., The University Press of Kentucky; Reprint edition, 2009


Making the News: A Guide for Activists and Nonprofits, by Jason Salzman, Perseus Books Group, 2003


Media Hoaxes, by Fred Fedler, 1989


Media Virus!, by Douglas Rushkoff, Ballantine Books, 1996


Media Wizards: A Behind the Scenes Look at Media Manipulations, by Catherine Gourley, 21st Century, 1999


Metamagical Themas, by Douglas R. Hofstadter, Basic Books, 1996


The Modern Con Man: How to Get Something for Nothing, by Todd Robbins, Bloomsbury, 2008

Modern Primitives, RE/Search Publications

Modern Primitives, by V. Vale, RE/Search Publications, 1989


The Moral Animal, by Robert Wright, Abacus, 2004


Mount Analogue, by Rene Daumal, Gerald Duckworth & Co Ltd, 2005


The Museum of Hoaxes, by Alex Boese, Orion, 2004


No Logo: No Space, No Choice, No Jobs, by Naomi Klein, Picador, 2002

Offbeat Kentuckians: Legends to Lunatics, by Keven McQueen, McClanahan Publishing House, 2001

On Guerrilla Gardening: A Handbook for Gardening Without Boundaries, by Richard Reynolds, Bloomsbury USA, 2008


OurSpace: Resisting the Corporate Control of Culture, by Christine Harold, University of Minnesota Press, 2007

Penn & Teller’s How to Play in Traffic, by Penn Jillette & Teller, Berkley Trade, 1997


Pranks!, RE/Search Publications, 1987

Pranks! 2, RE/Search Publications

Pranks! 2, RE/Search Publications, 2006


Publicity Stunt, by Candice Jacobson Fuhrman, Chronicle Books. 1989


Radical Melbourne 2: The Enemy Within, by Jeff Sparrow and Jill Sparrow, Vulgar Press, 2004


The Raymond Delauney Emails, Rayomond Delauney, Prion Books Ltd, 2007

Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook, by Crimethinc, CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective, 2005


The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins, Oxford University Press, 3rd edition, 2006

The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, by Naomi Klein, Metropolitan Books, 2007


The Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord (Author), Ken Knabb (Translator), AKPress; New edition, 2006


Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson, Goldmann, 2002


Spite, Malice and Revenge: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Even (3 Diabolical Volumes in 1), by M. Nelson Chunder and George Hayduke, Random House Value Publishing, 1988


Spook Country, by William Gibson, Putnam Adult (August 7, 2007), Putnam Adult, 2007


Stories of hoaxes in the name of science, by Irving Adler, Collier Books, 1962


The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific Revolution, by John Brockman, Touchstone, 1996

Tricks with Your Head: Hilarious Magic Tricks and Stunts to Disgust and Delight, by Mac King and Mark Levy, Three Rivers Press, 2002

Trickster Makes This World: Mischief, Myth, and Art, by Lewis Hyde, North Point Press, 1999

Vital Lies, Simple Truths: The Psychology of Self-Deception, by Daniel Goleman, Simon & Schuster, 1996

Who’s to Say What’s Obscene?: Politics, Culture, and Comedy in America Today, by Paul Krassner, Arianna Huffington (Foreword), City Lights Publishers, 2009


The Wolf Files: Adventures in Weird News, by Buck Wolf, Globe Pequot, 2003


The Zen of Zombie: Better Living Through the Undead, by Scott Kenemore, Skyhorse Publishing, 2007

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